Monday, November 5, 2012


We have arrived safely in Haiti and are at the NVM campus. Our second flight was delayed for an hour and the 13 mile drive here took us two hours, so we're happy that the travel portion of our journey is over for now!! Before even leaving yesterday, we discovered a water leak at our meter, which had added to our stress levels and taken away from where our minds should be. Needless to say, being away from our kids is also a stress in itself. Please continue to pray for a clarity of mind, as things are already threatening to cloud our judgment and focus.
Due to the hurricane and much rain in the last three months, it is very green here in Haiti right now. We were surprised as we were coming in for the landing how much different it looked, due to the vegetation. That also means the mosquitoes are out in full force... yikes!
Arriving was incredibly smooth in comparison to last time. In August, arriving with our whole missions team, we spent a half-hour just trying to get into the building for customs because there were so many people in it. This time, in just a half-hour we were already leaving the airport! Praise God for taking the stress out of what we worried would be an ordeal. The drive here was definitely longer than expected, but we used the time talking with Brandon about what the week would look like and projects that are going on, as well as what's been taking place in the last three months since we were here.
There is no set "agenda" to this week, although there are some things that we've been asked to help with administratively while we are here, as well as provide a time of praise and worship one evening (like they'll have to twist our arm on that one!). We will spend some time talking with Brandon and Katie (Missions Team Coordinators here) over what they feel they need help with at NVM. We'll also spend some time with them and Pastor Pierre - president and founder of NVM - talking about the vision here for the next however much time to come. As we talk about these things, we'll discuss our potential involvement, according to what we feel God has called us to do. I (Gami) will spend some time talking with Jim, another missionary here who is very involved with the pastoral training that goes on, about the possibilities to partner with them in that. Cathi will attend a malnutrition clinic on Monday, as well. We will both also spend time with the other staff, getting to know them, their roles, and time with the Haitian staff workers (as we brush up on our Kreyol!) to understand more of the cultural aspects of whatever ministry goes on.
Already, the thoughts of how much work can be done here have come flooding in. Objectivity is such an elusive thing in this situation. While emotions can play a part, some things just make sense and some don't, but none of that means that it's what God wants. Pray that this is what is clear to us - His heart, His will for us.

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