Saturday, November 10, 2012


The title for this entry is the french word for "build" or in this case, "let's build!" That is part of the Nehemiah Vision Ministries slogan. Cathi and I were able to join with some of the Haitian staff here at NVM and work on a building that will, in the future, house medical personnel that come down to work in the hospital that is being built next door. An organization came down and put up the frame and shell of the house and we helped put up the siding. There is another group here this week who will do the electrical work inside the house. Later, they will put up the drywall and paint, etc. the inside.
While we worked, we had the opportunity to practice our Creole once again. We learned the words for general construction like hammer, nail, cut, etc. and had a good time talking while we worked. What is extremely humbling about the whole project is that the Haitians we were working alongside are helping us build a home that is far better than anything they have ever lived in. And yet, they serve and work with humble and joyful hearts.
We worked until noon and then had most of the afternoon to walk around campus again, praying and talking through the meetings we had been in, having had the time to process and pray individually about what had gone on. Over the last two days God has given us incredible peace and unity in this whole situation. We thank you for your prayers thus far and ask that you continue to pray with us.

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