Friday, November 23, 2012


Upon our return from Haiti, Cathi and I sat down with our kids within that first week back and talked about what we had done and what we felt God telling us through people, experiences, and in our prayer time. We let them ask questions and share what their thoughts and feelings were about everything, as well. When we had discussed, each member of the family wrote a simple "yes" or "no" on a piece of paper and put it into a basket. The question was whether God was telling them that our family belonged in Haiti. Our family came back with a unanimous "yes"! The decision then, really becomes whether we will obey and follow where God is leading us.
While we were in Haiti, during our last meeting with Pastor Pierre, we had reached the same unanimous decision between Cathi, myself, and the NVM staff. This was a confirmation of what God was doing in us already. Pastor Pierre, after confirming that the Ortiz family belonged in Haiti, said that this was evident in the way God was moving, and as a result, we were deciding to follow His leading and step in faith and obedience to that. Tomorrow we may feel like we don't want to do this, or next month, something may happen to make us doubt, but we needed to remember that moment that we had all confirmed that God was speaking to us and giving us a direction. Wise words. I took them home with me and shared them with my children after we had our moment of confirmation around the dinner table. To know this is how and where God is leading us is not to say that this will be an easy ride. There will be difficulty, there will be heartache, there will be struggles. But we can look back and know that we are in God's will and we'll continue to move forward in that.
Since talking with our children, we've been on the phone, talking with family members to tell them of the news, as well as I've met with staff from our church to let them know, as well. We're so grateful for the support we have in them, as well as in you, who are reading this. Thank you for that support. Thank you for praying with us as we sought God's will for our family. Please continue to lift us up in prayer as we make this transition (and as we serve in Haiti!).

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