Sunday, November 4, 2012

Headed to Haiti

Three months ago, we traveled to Haiti - both of us along with two of our children. We knew then that God had a desire for us to be involved in missions, so we made a decision to involve the whole family from the get-go. The trip was supposed to be an exposure to missions work in an international setting to get the family's feet wet. We did not expect God to call our attention there. The passions God has given us connected with ministries and opportunities in Haiti that left us wondering and praying about being more involved with Nehemiah Vision Ministries in Haiti. Wanting to be sure about this and not just brush off what could be where God is leading us, we're headed back to Haiti in the morning to explore and pray and allow God to speak to us about our future. If you're reading this, we invite you to pray with us for the next 8 days: November 5 - 13.
Pray for:
- us to hear God clearly
- safety during our travels and time in Haiti
- opportunities for ministry while we're there
- the meetings we will have with NVM staff
- God to be glorified in this whole process

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