Monday, November 12, 2012

Last day on ground…

Today is our last day on the ground here, as we leave early in the morning tomorrow to head back home. However, the journey does not end here. We will continue to be in prayer for where God would have us and what He would have us do.
Cathi is in the clinic this morning, observing and helping in the malnutrition program. When she finished her bachelor’s degree, she chose to study nutrition with the vision of doing something like this someday. I am glad that she has gotten the opportunity to see the potential of her studies in a setting like this.
I’ve been running around with Brandon all morning, getting a taste of what his days can be like. We set out to do something at 9am and now, at noon, we still have not gotten to it, because a million other things come up that have to take precedence. Two teams came in over the weekend – one is a construction crew that is already hard at work, wiring electrical and putting up siding on the houses. The other is a GAiN team that is doing a vision clinic in Onaville for the first couple of days. Part of his job presently is to coordinate what those teams need in order to do what they came for.
Last night, I had the privilege of leading the staff here, along with these teams, in a time of worship. Sometimes, it’s in the simplicity of those kinds of moments that I can truly let go of the things I can’t control and just rest in God’s presence. After our time of worship, Cathi and I got to spend some time with Brandon and Katie and pray for each other. Regardless of what the future holds for both of our families, we are grateful for the opportunity to know them better and be a part of each others’ lives.
We talked for so long last night that I decided not to run this morning… granted, if that had been the only reason, I still would have, since I was up with the sunrise again! The second reason was probably more important – I hurt my foot. When I went to Chambrun the other day, the kids were showing off, doing handsprings and handstands, so naturally, I had to join in. I did a backflip for them – in my sandals. The flip was great, they were impressed, but my foot hurt quite a bit. Sandals do not provide the support necessary for a jump like that on rocky ground (but it was worth it!).
Later on today, we will sit down with Pastor Pierre again before we leave tomorrow. I pray that during that meeting, I will be able to speak with and of the peace and clarity that God has given us since we last met. I also look forward to the time with him. As Cathi shared last time, we were just encouraged and felt uplifted by that time spent with him. We look forward to that final meeting and again, continuing in prayer when we go home. We also look forward to sharing with our kids all that we’ve experienced both physically in what we’ve done and spiritually in what we’ve heard God speak to us. We’ve purposely been vague in our blogs to this point in order to make the kids a part of everything when we return and letting them hear from us first. After that, we will be ready to share more and be more specific about everything. Thank you again for your support!

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