Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Meetings and Market

This morning, we got a look around campus again, seeing the improvements that have been made since our team was here in August. It was great to see the work that had been done after the work we had done and to see the next stage(s) of projects. We also talked through several housing options for us if we were to be here. No matter how you try, it's difficult to set up shop for a family of seven! But ultimately, that's not a deciding factor. Although it is tough to think of going from the space that we have in our home now to the space that's available here. From that conversation, we continued the conversation into the ministry aspects: our passions, gifts, and the roles we would play. This was all "unofficial" since we have not had the conversation with the boss here, but we talked through the needs and where we would mostly likely plug in. Some was as we expected, while other things were surprising. We talked about the importance of both Cathi and I having a ministry that we could plug into and not just one of us, so that the other feels left out or unfulfilled. And for sure, that would be the case, as there are opportunities for both of us to be involved. After that meeting, Cathi and I continued to talk and then we prayed together for wisdom in all of this. Both of us have doubts and concerns either way. This is much more difficult than either one of us anticipated it would be. Tomorrow, we meet with Pastor Pierre and we're both praying that there is more clarity with that meeting.
On another note, Cathi and I were able to go to the market with Brandon and Katie, as they had to do some grocery shopping. It was daunting to think that they had to plan meals for the short term missions teams that come down and then shop for those meals... plus whatever else the NVM staff needed. That's a lot of people to plan and shop for. They could desperately use a Sam's Club here! Several guys at the grocery store boxed and loaded up the groceries into the back of the truck, however, we all had to unload it when we got back. Shopping for 7 people's groceries won't seem all that bad anymore!!

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