Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tre Bel!

Maria & Darwin, cuddling in with Grandma

Cathi holding Landa
Today has been a great day!! We started out with a quiet morning (which is rare for the two of us) and were able to help with some simple things around campus. We took a walk around campus and talked, which is also rare. Then we met with Pastor Pierre. This was the much-awaited pinnacle meeting, and it proved to be such.  We simply enjoyed the time with him.  It was a blessing to hear his heart for the ministry here.  He is inspiring, and a joy to be with. He and his wife are both joy-filled people who make you happy to be around them. So this meeting was pleasant and blessed.

After the meeting we were able to meet up with Katie, one of the missionaries here.  We went with her to Chambrun, to visit a family she is friends with.  This was a treat!  We were able to visit Chambrun when we came down in August.  However, this was a very different experience.  This time we were invited into an area that is shared by generations.  The grandmother, her four daughters, and their children all live in this "yard."  They each have their own home, and share a kitchen.  They quickly sent the older kids off to grab chairs for us, and used their blanket to clean them.  This was humbling...we would have been more than happy to sit on the ground with them.  They insisted that we sit on the chairs, and how do you say no?  So we sat.  We are pretty rusty on our Kreyol since our visit in August also.  We tried to follow along in the conversation and speak when we could.  Between the two of us, we didn't do too badly.  We only missed a couple of things.

These are the moments that I treasure in Haiti.  When Darlene (Katie's friend) got up to get something from the house (her mud hut), she just gave me Landa - the baby.  I was blessed to be trusted and invited into this family in this way.  Landa is a sweet baby girl - about 9 months old.  You can be praying for her - she recently ate some dirt and now has diarrhea.  This is a very sensitive issue in Haiti because babies can die from something that seems so simple to us.  Landa has one older brother, Darwin.  Darwin is full of smiles and mischief.  He was teasing his cousins, running around, grabbing what food was around...a typical toddler.  He is so much fun to watch and play with.  Truly, this is a day I pray I can remember for years to come.  This is the first time we have visited with people in their "backyard" while they grind corn and feed the babies.  It was a true blessing to be a part of this.  I pray we are able to return here and enjoy these moments again.  It is mind blowing how much the people remember, and we pray they remember this too.  I would be blessed to be able to visit with Darlene's family again.

As we have walked around today, kids have approached us singing a song Gami taught them in August.  That has been incredible! They keep asking for Miguel and Kayla, remembering them from our trip in August.  It has been a blessing to know that the people who we remember and love, they also remember us!  Thank God for the little things that encourage us and bless us!

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  1. We have had this experience as well - that they remember songs we taught and sang one or two times! So happy for you! Thank you for sharing!