Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nature of the Work

It occurred to me the other day that we had not yet posted what our involvement in Haiti would look like. Granted, some of that was a timing issue. However, for those who know us well, our involvement won't be any surprise. Cathi and I have been involved with Compassion International for a number of years, sponsoring, as well as being advocates for child sponsorship. It was through our work with Compassion that we really started seriously praying about future involvement in missions. Cathi enrolled in a nutrition degree with the mindset of missions work with impoverished children. That stemmed from our involvement in Compassion. As I started seminary, we would often talk about our dream would be to someday work with Compassion overseas - Cathi would help in the nutrition aspect of things, while I worked with local pastors, doing training and being a shepherd for them.
Ironically, as we got to Nehemiah Vision Ministries, we discovered that all the kids in their school (around 300) are part of a child sponsorship program. The program started a while back and has been facilitated by someone in the States, but has recently grown to a point where they need someone on the ground in Haiti who has hands-on administration. In the same orientation of NVM, we also learned that pastoral training had begun to take place since February of this year. Many pastors from the surrounding areas come to NVM for biblical training, encouragement, and support. Recently, they are planning to expand this aspect of the ministry to include a partnership with a dozen local churches. The partnership will extend beyond just pastoral training to include helping with building projects and plugging short-term missions teams into these churches to help them continue to grow and minister to their communities. Both of these roles hit at the heart and passion that God had placed in us already. To hear that NVM was not only doing these things, but also had a need for help in these areas sparked what was to be the beginning of our interest in partnering with them.
In addition to these neatly packaged roles, are those things that aren't so easily expressed. I would also be a pastor to the American staff there, as well as for those short-term missions teams. How that will exactly look is uncertain, though the need is there. Likewise, with the number of teams that go down every year, there is plenty of work to be done to coordinate for those teams. We would also assist the Missions Team Coordinators in whatever way possible in that area. Cathi's administrative skills will undoubtedly be used in other areas and I dream of being able to follow-up and connecting those who commit to Christ through our short-term teams. The reality is that there is plenty of work to do, and we're eager to get to it!
Hopefully this gives at least a glimpse into how we feel God is leading us to be used in Haiti and aids you in how to pray for us. Thank you again for your support.

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