Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Some answers and then more questions

This last week, we found out that the house we worked on while we were in Haiti ("Bâttisons") is where we will be living when we move there. It's been encouraging to have a picture (or several of them) of where we will be living - to be able to point to something with even a fraction of certainty. Interestingly enough, the same day that we found this out, we also met with a local realtor to talk about selling our house. At first, we had high hopes and were hearing good news. Today, however, the news turned more into, "we can't afford to even sell our house." Such an ironic statement, if you ask me. So, in the face of that, we have to lean on what we know. We know that God has called us to move to Haiti. The road to get there is proving to be one of trial and testing. There have been and will be plenty of excuses why not to go. It's inconvenient. Raising the support will be hard... and on and on. And it seems there are many people who rely on present circumstances to let them "know" what God's will is for them.
This last week in church, we looked at the continuing "story behind the story", going through the Old Testament, looking at the patriarchs of the faith and how their lives are God's story of redeeming His people. Abram was told to pick up and go, without a destination. He obeyed and was blessed. God made him a promise that Abraham would not see in his lifetime. Isaac would no see it in his lifetime. Jacob would not it in his, nor Joseph. It wasn't until generations later that God's promise to Abraham would begin to unfold. Yet each of these men were faithful to God and trusted in that promise. If Joseph had let circumstances dictate his response, he would have likely turned from God early in his life. But he had heard from God, knew His voice, trusted Him, and followed relentlessly, despite the turmoil that ensued.
God has made it clear where He wants us. I have no idea how everything will work out - only that it will and it will be in His timing and not in mine. And believe me, there are times that I have to force myself to say that. But I believe that as we are faithful to Him, He is even more faithful to us.

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