Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Beginnings...

This last week has been one of many emotional ups and downs. We've begun to sell things we know we can't take with us (which is nearly everything) and which we don't truly need right now. That included a home gym, treadmill, a drum set, desktop computer... so along with that, came the emotions of giving things up. On one of things, it's difficult and sad, in some respects, to give these things up. On the other end, it's also been freeing. It's also one step closer to our move to Haiti: one less thing that we have to worry about, one less thing holding us back. Soon enough, those things will become more significant (car, house), but still one more step in the direction God is leading us. Thankfully, God is also using this as a means to provide for us financially through these days and weeks. We expected this money to help us raise funds for the move, but current finances are such that the money from selling this stuff is helping us get by. God always provides.
Through these physical steps to get ready to go, as well as in conjunction with the physical preparation, there is spiritual and emotional preparation taking place to prepare us for where God wants us. Along with the physical things we don't need to take with us, there are emotional and spiritual things that are being identified that we don't need to take with us, either. So, we're cleaning house in all aspects of the phrase!

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