Monday, February 18, 2013

Excitement is Building

In the last week, we confirmed that we will have a place to stay in Haiti as early as April. This was a concern, since we are a large family. When we were at NVM in November, they did not have one place large enough for a family of 6. So, we talked about options. All of them required some work and money. The option NVM proposed and we agreed to was a house that will eventually be used for medical staff (when the hospital opens). We have been anxiously awaiting updates so we would know if we can indeed move down as planned. Praise God, this has lined up for us! In addition to that, we ordered passports for our two youngest children in the last couple weeks. God willing, those will arrive in a couple more weeks. Things are lining up! The house still has to sell, but we are going to hand that task over to our realtor in March. Throughout March we will finish selling the rest of our belongings. At the end of the month we plan on heading out to do out-of-state fundraising. We have connections in many states, and we are excited for an excuse to see family and friends as we raise our support. For those who are curious, we are currently at about 30-35% of our support pledged. The half-way point will definitely be a time of celebration! As this month quickly draws to a close, we are preparig for another garage sale. The kids are really getting excited as the departure date draws nearer. Still, there are struggles as more and more toys and clothes are sold to other families. Some of the toys that cannot go are the hardest to part with. I spent an hour yesterday going through my jewelry as well and cut down to less than half of what I own. As we part with things that seem so meaningful, we are reminded just how meaningless they really are. Honestly, one of our most exciting thoughts is how much simpler life will be in 1100 sq ft with only a few things. Perhaps this may inspire you to live is freeing!! You never quite realize how much your stuff has a hold on you until you let it all go.


  1. I so agree! Except that the parting is so difficult! I often feel like the 9 month old child that starts crying when Momma leaves her in the nursery...but stops as SOON as Momma is out of site!!! I start crying at the thought of LOSING one of my "precious possessions" but after it is gone, I find that most of the time, I don't even remember owning it, and if I do, there is a break in the connection to it, so it doesn't continue to hurt!!!! BLESSINGS!! WE LOVE YOU!

  2. I think we're about to find that out (how freeing it feels after feeling like our stuff has been owning us instead of us owning it)! And I've been saying it for a long time! Maybe I'm a slow learner with it taking this long to actually be able to experience it... Kellie