Thursday, March 14, 2013

God Provides

This past weekend, we spent hours selling everything we could. Multiple families from our church brought high-value items to our home so we could sell them and use the funds to help us move to Haiti. Because of this outpouring, we were able to purchase our airline tickets! We fly to Haiti on May 15 from Detroit, MI. I cannot stop there with this story. There was such an outpouring this last weekend that I must share. We have some amazing friends who are preparing to move to Thailand with the military, fully knowing they may stay there as missionaries. So, they are also purging belongings in preparation. They brought over some very high-value items which sold for high dollar amounts. In one such sale, we were bartering with a family interested in a custom book-shelf. We had a price set, and they were asking us to go down quite a bit. I met them in the middle and told them that was the best I could do. Another lady who was shopping our sale had just been talking to me about our move to Haiti. She turned to the lady inquiring about the shelf and told her, "It's for a good cause! It is all going to missions. Just buy it!" The lady replied with, "WHAT?! I didn't know that!" So the first lady said, "Yes. They are missionaries, moving to Haiti. This is all to help them move...just buy the shelf!" The sale went through at the price I quoted her. She happily paid the price and wished me the best for our family. The lady who spoke up to defend our sale prices purchased a great deal of items as well. As she left, she told me she was the photographer we had hired 4 years ago for a banquet we did with the youth group. She asked for our information, and found our blog. She was one of the times I saw God's hand in this sale. Additionally, throughout the weekend we had multiple people shop and try to find things they could buy to help us. When they finished, they gave us large donations in addition to the price I gave them. People poured out blessings and promises of prayer. In one such instance, a lady came who had seen something about our sale on facebook. My sister-in-law in North Carolina posted details about our sale on her facebook. One of her friends lives here now on the army base. She came out to the sale, even though they are getting ready to move again. She did not find much that she knew she could keep with their upcoming move, so she instead asked if she could make a donation. For her $7 worth of purchases, she gave $50! We were blown away by this outpouring. This is not the end either. Saturday we had a 70% chance of thunderstorms and heavy rain. I posted on facebook that we needed prayers for the rain to hold off. The rain was welcome all night Friday night, as long as it held off on Saturday until 8 PM. The rain held off other than a 10 minute downpour. We did get a lot of rain Friday night, so we re-arranged the sale to make it all fit in the garage (thankful for a large 2-car garage!). People still came out and shopped our sale. God held back the rain for us!! This is incredible! So, if you are curious if God really cares about the small stuff, know that He worked miracles at our garage sale. Of all the money we made at this sale, at least half was from donated items. Solid wood shelves, high quality space heaters, lawnmower, bike, clothes and toys, tv, table with 2 chairs, etc....the list was unbelievable. We were able to earn almost $2,000 for our airline tickets. You cannot convince me God's hand was not at work this past weekend. Since then, we have emptied everything else out of the garage and house that did not sell. We have donated hundreds of dollars of clothes, books, toys, kitchen items, etc. We are still weeding things out. We have done some major reducing in every aspect of our belongings. While this is an exciting next step towards our move to Haiti, it is also scary for a lot of us. Our girls are becoming more vocal about their fears and all of the kids are fighting more, becoming more impatient with each other. This is all a sign of a deeper stress inside. We are so grateful that we do not have full-time jobs that pull us from home all day. If we did, the business of life would keep us from having these moments with our children to talk about how they feel and how we can help each other. We are challenging them to pray over each other out loud, which is therapeutic for everyone! They are realizing how soon they have to leave their friends behind, and this is hard for them as well. Please continue praying for us! Our kids need your prayers. We have so much to do in the next 2 months, but we know it is possible and God will make it all happen. So, we simply ask for you to pray for each member of our family - 4 children, 2 parents. We ask for fervent prayers for a buyer for our house. We do not ask for a lot of showings...just one. We only need one showing to the right family in order for our house to sell. We covet prayers for peace and joy as we try to remember all we need to do to prepare. Lastly, we still need 35-40 new sponsors to commit to financial monthly giving in order to allow our family to live in Haiti. Please be in prayer with us and for us! And to all that contributed this past weekend - monetarily, with physical items, in prayer, and in encouragement - a huge thank you! We could not do this ministry and move without our friends and family who support us so lovingly!

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