Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Want to come along?

We are excited to have a date finally set for moving. May 15, come what may, we are going to move to Haiti. We are putting together a small group/team to come along. Mainly, we need help moving! We can only bring what we can take on the plane. If we have some people who are willing, we can bring extra checked bags for their tickets. Also, that gives us extra people to help us set up the house, do any work needed on it, and help the kids get settled. We also may need help picking up mattresses from a store and building some furniture. The bunk beds may be built before we arrive, which would be a huge blessing! So, if you feel like this is something you want to do, please let us know! You can reply on here, or e-mail us at ortizmissionsjourney@gmail.com We are estimating the cost to be between $900-1,000 for the trip. Dates are May 15-22. You do need a passport! The cost includes round-trip airfare, lodging and food in Haiti, and some incidentals. Maybe you have been wanting to get involved in missions overseas, and do not know where to begin. Maybe you are curious what we are going to be doing; maybe you love building and moving! We have room for all of these scenarios and would love your help! International missions has obviously changed our life...and I think that is true for the majority of Americans. We thank you again for your prayers and support as we seek financial sponsors and continue moving forward in this journey.

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