Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Happenings

For the past month we have had a lot of down time to learn tasks, adjust to living here in Haiti, and organize our house. Now that we are in July, we are gearing up for the busiest month of the year. We have somewhere between 120-150 people coming this month on short term mission teams. Next week alone we will have 70 short-termers on campus! This is an exciting time for us as we get to see all that God is going to do in and through this ministry and the people who come to help! Today, English camp kicked off with over 70 children in attendance. Each child pays to come to English camp. This gives them access to faith-based education in order to learn English. If a child can learn English in Haiti, they can greatly increase their chance of a good job. In addition, each child is fed a hot meal of rice and beans for lunch. This is a meal that most of these children would go without since school is done for the summer. Instead, they have a constructive place to come play, learn, hear about Jesus, and be fed. English camp runs for an entire month, Mon-Fri. We have 3 interns who have prepped the curriculum and will run the camp all month. All 3 of them are education majors, and they are an immense blessing to our staff here! We will miss them when they return home in August! Next week we have a medical team arriving, doing medical clinics in 3 different villages (4 days) that otherwise have very limited access to medical care. They will see a wide variety of issues and be able to love on the people in each village as they help them in such a powerful way. It is so sad to know that people in Haiti often die simply because they had no access to proper medical treatment. The hospitals are allowed to turn patients away if they cannot afford treatment, or if they think the case is too risky (preemie babies are a prime example), or if they think they cannot actually help the person. Most people cannot afford the medical care, so a traveling clinic that reaches out to them where they are is a huge blessing! We are excited for this team to come and help the people of Haiti next week! In addition to English camp and the medical team, we also have 2 VBS teams coming next week. Each team will go out for 4-5 hours a day to different villages, proclaiming the love of Jesus to the children there. We are so excited for this as well, because they offer a snack to each child who comes. Once again, it is a chance for that child to have something to eat that day, simply because 20 Americans chose to come and do VBS. While at VBS, the kids will do crafts, sing, and play games. These are simple activities, but when your summer consists of sitting in the heat, hungry and thirsty - it is huge! The children are thrilled to come to VBS. It shows them that someone cares about them, as a hungry child. Someone wants to love them. Someone wants to show them the love of Christ. They matter! One of the most heartbreaking things we experience living in Haiti is that so many children have nobody to fight for them. There is nobody to push for proper medical treatment, nobody to ensure the child is safe and well fed. VBS is a time where these kids have someone coming from another country to fight for them. The battle is as much spiritual as it is physical. What a blessing to pray over these kids in these villages and feed them, even if just for a day! We will have other teams coming this month as well, but this is a glimpse into what our minds are focused on today. We are excited, and we know God is at work. Know that when God is at work, so is the enemy. He is hitting our family from every angle. We are putting on our armor and standing firm, trusting God will work it all out in His time. Additionally, we know the other staff members - Haitian and American - are being hit hard as well. There is a lot to distract us all, and to discourage us. We ask for your prayers as we charge forward into this month of spiritual battle. We are grateful to be here, and thankful for all of you who read our little stories, and pray. ~ Cathi


  1. Wow what an exciting month! I'm looking forward to the time when Ashley, Luke, and I can come down to Haiti and work along side of you guys! We love and miss all of you.- jon

  2. You're welcome anytime!! Miss you too! Love you guys!