Thursday, May 29, 2014

One year in Haiti

We have now been in Haiti for a year.  We continue to feel more comfortable in this culture, and see things differently.  We have learned so much in a year, and pray God continues to teach us and mold us.

As we think about our past year, we are amazed at the many relationships God has blessed us with.  We have met people in Chambrun, only 1/2 a mile from our campus.  This family now considers us a part of their family.  We discuss Christianity with them, learn about the culture, and learn more Kreyol.  Recently, I was able to offer to pray for one of my dear friends in this family who is ill.  I have never felt comfortable offering to pray for them until now.  She graciously accepted, and I was blessed!

We also met a family who lives near our satellite campus in Onaville.  This family planted a church in their small community.  They have no "Pastor" per se, but the man of the house is the leader of the community.  They are young, but they are passionate.  It has been a blessing to be ministered to by them.  They asked Gami to preach last Sunday.  When our family arrived, they had breakfast waiting.  Then, after church, they had lunch ready for us.  We were so immensely blessed as the woman of the house kept saying, "Oh, thank you Jesus! You have brought a white family for me to bless in my home! Thank you, Jesus!"  The blessing was truly ours that day.

Additionally, this family has introduced us to their closest friends who live right next to them.  This family had a brand new baby girl on Sunday morning at 3:41 AM.  The whole group - both families - were up all night doing all they could while the mother gave birth.  There was no doctor there, no nurse...once again, we were blessed to be invited into the home to see the new baby.  We prayed over this family and home, and prayed for health for the mother and baby.  We are looking forward to going back and seeing them soon!

These are some of our cherished blessings in our year here.  We have also met countless friends from teams who came to Haiti.  God has bound our hearts with people from all over the United States.  As the only family NOT from Indiana serving at NVM, we have been blessed to be accepted by so many teams.  They have truly ministered to us in our time here too.

So, where to go from here?  We pray God continues to help us learn the culture, be increasingly sensitive, increase our fluency in Creole, and use us to minister to others.  We pray God continues to mold our children to be different, so they can reach others in American culture one day.  We pray God shapes our hearts for His plans, and that He guides our every step!  We pray God continues to show us how we can empower the people here so that we work ourselves out of a job - after all, that is the vision and the whole point in NVM!  We pray that our partners will hear from God in His perfect timing as to how they can continue to encourage us and strengthen us in this journey.  Lastly, we pray that everything we share will bring Him ultimate glory!