Tuesday, July 15, 2014

House Dedication

This year, we started a ministry of building houses for widows, orphans, and the handicapped within our church that lived in our community. We have built three houses so far in this project. Short term missions teams raise the money for the house, then work side by side with Haitian laborers to build it. The local church leadership is responsible for choosing the families for the homes and making the connection between the teams and the community. The process of building the house takes several weeks, so teams are only here to see part of it done. We then take pictures of the finished product so that the teams can share that with their churches and supporters back home. The following video was of the first house project. The recipient of the house is a widow who is very active in our church. She started trying to build a house on her own and found that she just could not, so she asked the church for help in doing so, just in time for us to launch this new ministry. When the house was finished, she refused to sleep in it until the church body came to dedicate it to the Lord. That is what this video is. One Sunday after church, we stopped by the house, sang praises to God, dedicated and prayed over the church and Mme Carmel. The village was able to see the church at work in the community through this very tangible example, being the hands and feet of Jesus.