Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Laundry Day

Part of living in Haiti is just improvising to the situation. This is true of most everywhere you live. It just looks a little different here. The NVM staff shares one washing machine to do laundry. If in the States your washer stops working, you can take your clothes to the Laundromat. Here, we take out a couple of buckets and start scrubbing! This past weekend, we were in dire need of doing laundry. Unfortunately, several power surges rendered our staff washer unserviceable. So, we grabbed some buckets and wash bins and made a family activity out of it!

At one point, the kids from the children's home were walking by our house and saw us doing laundry. They were all surprised we could do laundry "like a Haitian!" Then, they gladly joined in. There was probably more playing than helping involved, but it was fun. Kids started seeing how long they could hold their breath under water in the rinse bin (gross), spraying each other with water, and so forth.
Hanging up the clothes to dry was another matter. We put up a jump-rope from pole to pole in front of the house. Then we grabbed a fence post and put it horizontally at the corner of our fence to hold clothes. The underwear all went inside to be put on our table and chairs to dry (actually, that's what we typically do, even when the washer's working). Once the kids got all the laundry up, it looked like it was going to start raining. Of course it would! So, the kids went back through and grabbed everything that was dry or near enough to bring inside. The rest was taken to the dorms, since we don't have teams here right now and hung up inside there. Our backs and hands hurt, but it was quite the Sunday afternoon in the Ortiz household!

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